Wondering what you can do about your high electricity bill? The Kill a Watt meter is a handy device to monitor the energy consumption of some of your electrical appliances. You can rent one for 10 days for just $5 from the Smiths Falls Public Library.

The Smiths Falls REAL DEAL Reuse Centre has moved to 72 Lombard Street, across from The Beer Store. Bring in or take away gently used household items, and drop off your used cell phones and print cartridges for recycling, too. The REAL DEAL will be accepting larger items and renovation materials starting January 23, 2006.

job opportunity

Job Opportunity

REAL is hiring a REAL DEAL Store Manager to start immediately in Smiths Falls. If you have a business background, please see the detailed job description.

shoreline Are you the owner of a shoreline property? See some examples of Rideau River shorelines and learn what you can do to minimize human impact and contribute to maintaining the health of our watershed.

Rideau.reuses.com is a new online residential waste exchange service. List items you have to give away or sell for less than $99, or items you would like to have. Post your garage sale, too.

Let's keep more of these items out of the waste stream! Sign up today, and check back frequently.

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Our "Make a REAL Difference" hemp bags are here! Use this sturdy, environmentally friendly tote and say no to plastic bags. You will be supporting and promoting REAL at the same time. Bags are just $18 or $15 each when you buy two or more. See how.

REAL's Idle-Free team spoke to over 380 motorists during this summer's pilot Idle Free Campaign. Motorists were approached while stopped at the Detached Lock, Smiths Falls or at the Merrickville Lock. Learn why idling is bad for our air, bad for our health and costs you money! Just turn your engine off if you’re stopped for more than 10 seconds.


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